The Auburn Great Race - August 12, 2018

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The Great Race, Auburn's Summer Classic begins at 9:30 AM on Sunday, August 12, 2018

An annual Auburn tradition, this year marks 41 years that teams of 5 relay runners, bikers and paddlers (kayak or canoe) have participated in The Great Race that takes place at Emerson Park. As a proud sponsor of this event, Summit comes out and shows its support for the race participants and everyone in the community is encouraged to attend. After the race, there is a celebration including provided lunch and refreshments for volunteers and participants. 
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Open New Paths with Your Ford Focus ST

For some drivers, their vehicle is more than just a way to get to their destination. Our team here at Summit Ford Lincoln understand how important the details and features are no matter how small, and we’re here to find the right vehicle for you.

Take the Ford Focus ST, for example, this popular compact performance hatchback is built for performance from the ground up. 

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The Ford Explorer Offers Superior Handling Performance

The Explorer had long been the mainstay of the Ford lineup of SUVs. This popular vehicle has provided many drivers the power and dependability that they wanted in an SUV. The Ford Explorer is still providing great performance through superior handling.

The Ford Explorer is equipped with a feature known as Curve Control. This system has the ability to decrease the speed of the Explorer by as much as 10 mph in one second if it detects that you are taking a corner too fast. 

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Frozen Ocean Motor Sports Facility Weekend Event

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Frozen Fest July 27-29, 2018

Frozen Ocean a local family owned and operated motorsports facility is hosting it's first weekend-long event this coming weekend. Located in Auburn on over 66 acres of land overlooking Skaneateles Lake, Frozen Ocean has been around since 1987. It has a challenging Night Cross track, a clay oval for go-kart racing, an off-road track for ATVs and side x sides, and a practice track for 50cc riders.  This is a full-service legit Motorcross track right in our own backyard! 

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Calling All Car Enthusiasts

Syracuse Nationals The Largest Car Show in the Northeast - Syracuse Nationals is Happening this Weekend 

For a full weekend of car related activities and events in your own backyard come out to the New York State Fairgrounds this weekend July 20-22, 2018 and experience the largest classic car show in the Northeast.  
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Enjoy Exterior Amenities in the Lincoln MKC

Although you enjoy the sleek exterior and luxurious interior of the Lincoln MKC, the primarily interested in it because of its power and capability across all kinds of terrain. Its available 2.3L inline-4 relies on such advanced technologies as direct injection, turbocharging, and Twin-independent Variable Camshaft Timing to generate up to 305 lb.-ft. of torque and 285 horsepower. Maintain a firm grip on the road with the available intelligent all-wheel drive that monitors traction so it can balance the torque between the front and the rear wheels.

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Summit Summer Solstice

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Looking for facts about Summer Solstice? Oh, you weren't? Too bad, because we got the facts. 
1. The Midnight Sun Game is a game of baseball played in Alaska that doesn't end until after midnight. But it's not a night game since the sun doesn't completely set in (part) of Alaska around this time. 
2. Many people believe Summer Solstice is when the Earth is closet to the Sun, but the opposite is actually true. About two weeks after the Summer Solstice, the Earth is furthest away from the Sun (the warm weather comes from the…
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The 2018 Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament

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Summit Automotive Group was a proud dinner sponsor for the 2018 Make-A-Wish golf tournament held at Timber Banks Golf Club & Marina Community. What a great event and wonderful turnout! We were even able to meet "Wish Kid Dale" and enjoy some great moments and laughs.

At just six years old, Dale’s one true wish was to have a camper with three things: bunk beds to share with his brother, a small TV to play his video games, and a small tub that he calls “Dale size tub.” Dale’s gigantic smile brightened up the entire room the day his…

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The Technological Features of the Ford Edge

The number of features from which to choose are some of the reasons why the Ford Edge remains a popular mid-sized SUV with clients. Collisions with vehicles approaching your blind spot are dramatically reduced thanks to the alert system. When a vehicle comes close, a light on the exterior mirror illuminates to warn of the danger.

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Mirrors Are Okay, but Does the Ford Flex Have a Rear-View Camera?

Backing up has been a concern for drivers since the original vehicles hit the road. At first, rivers simply turned around and looked as they backed up. Then, a rear-view mirror was required as simply turning and looking was not an adequate safety technique. After that, the outside mirrors were required. Finally, technology has brought us the rear-view camera.

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