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Summit Summer Solstice

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Looking for facts about Summer Solstice? Oh, you weren't? Too bad, because we got the facts. 
1. The Midnight Sun Game is a game of baseball played in Alaska that doesn't end until after midnight. But it's not a night game since the sun doesn't completely set in (part) of Alaska around this time. 
2. Many people believe Summer Solstice is when the Earth is closet to the Sun, but the opposite is actually true. About two weeks after the Summer Solstice, the Earth is furthest away from the Sun (the warm weather comes from the…
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The 2018 Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament

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Summit Automotive Group was a proud dinner sponsor for the 2018 Make-A-Wish golf tournament held at Timber Banks Golf Club & Marina Community. What a great event and wonderful turnout! We were even able to meet "Wish Kid Dale" and enjoy some great moments and laughs.

At just six years old, Dale’s one true wish was to have a camper with three things: bunk beds to share with his brother, a small TV to play his video games, and a small tub that he calls “Dale size tub.” Dale’s gigantic smile brightened up the entire room the day his…

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