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Looking for facts about Summer Solstice? Oh, you weren't? Too bad, because we got the facts. 
1. The Midnight Sun Game is a game of baseball played in Alaska that doesn't end until after midnight. But it's not a night game since the sun doesn't completely set in (part) of Alaska around this time. 
2. Many people believe Summer Solstice is when the Earth is closet to the Sun, but the opposite is actually true. About two weeks after the Summer Solstice, the Earth is furthest away from the Sun (the warm weather comes from the tilt of the Earth's access, not the distance). 
3. Some theorists believe Stonehenge was built with some relation to the Summer Solstice because of the way the Sun lines up on the stones on the Summer and Winter Solstice. People continue to gather and celebrate at Stonehenge every year. 
4. Did you know that the word "solstice" is derived from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because the sun's relative position in the sky at noon does not appear to change much during the solstice and its surrounding days. 
5. The Earth is NOT flat... we can't believe this is a FACT we have to even mention. 
There aren't you happy you know all these fun facts about the Sun now?
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