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The Great Race, Auburn's Summer Classic - 9:30 AM Sunday, August 12, 2018

An annual Auburn tradition, this year marks 41 years that teams of 5 relay runners, bikers and paddlers (kayak or canoe) have participated in The Great Race that takes place at Emerson Park. As a proud sponsor of this event, Summit comes out and shows its support for the race participants and everyone in the community is encouraged to attend. After the race, there is a celebration including provided lunch and refreshments for volunteers and participants. Food and beverages are also available for guests and spectators, and there will be a live band for entertainment. 

There are multiple levels of awards to be won at The Great Race, they include: 

Open Awards

  • 4 Person Canoe Divisions: Open Awards will be given to the first 13 four-person teams in the traditional course race and the first 6 four-person teams in the short course race. 
  • 3 Person Kayak Divisions: There will be 7 Open Awards in the traditional course kayak division. There will be 4 Open Division Awards in the short course kayak division. 
  • Tandem Division: There will be 3 Open division awards in the tandem division.

Awards in 71 Team Categories

  • Awards will be made to the top 20% of the teams in each category. The average (whole number) of all team members' ages on race day determines the age group. For example, a 4 person team of 3 women and one man, ages 40, 40, 40 and 39 have an average age of 39.75. That team would be in the Mixed (3 to 1 sex ratio) under 40 category (not 40 & up)

Memorial Awards

  • Special awards will be presented to honor supporters of the race and athletes in the race 

Race participants would love to be cheered on by a big crowd of spectators so if you're not participating feel free to show up and enjoy a day at beautiful Emerson Park. Make sure to come by and say hi to Summit staff as well! 



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